Looking forward to the Bike BLVD on Charles Ave

Looking forward to the Bike BLVD on Charles Ave, 2 blocks north of University ave in St Paul. Here is how Bike Blvds are used in Portland.

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Phone Bank: Transit for a Stronger Economy


Where: The Sierra Club

2327 East Franklin Avenue, Suite 1 · Minneapolis MN 55406-1024

When: Thursday, February 21st from 6:00pm-9:00pm.

What: Encouraging like-minded people to call their legislators to support a Transit bill that will be introduced into the legislature later this month.  The bill calls for an increase of 0.75% in the sales tax in order to acquire an additional $300 million in the Twin Cities metro per year to fund three additional light rail lines, four new bus rapid transit (BRT) lines, 250 new bus routes, and funding for local governments to build proper facilities for pedestrians and people who use bicycles and wheelchairs.

Why: Expanded light rail, bus rapid transit and regular bus service, along with improved access for pedestrians and people using wheelchairs and bicycles, will create 30,000 jobs, help keep our air clean, and make the daily commute for millions of Minnesotans faster, cheaper, and more fair.  Building out Minnesota’s transit system is a good investment for our state.

Read more here.

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On the Green Line


The other day my friend Lam and I decided to check out a new (to me) restaurant on University Ave in St. Paul’s Frogtown neighborhood.  We were struck by all the new restaurants popping up on University Ave.  We went to Ngon, a “Vietnamese Bistro”, although I don’t like going to any restaurants with Bistro in its name, it turned out to be pretty good.  Lam got oxtail Pho and I got some mock duck rice dish.  The place struck us as a joint that would fit in better on Grand Ave than on University.  But I guess gentrification is already rearing its ugly (or pretty?) head in Frogtown with the coming of the new light rail line.  Any suggestions for places we should try next on the green line?

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Crash data MPLS, Bikes Vs. Economy

Crash data MPLS

Cyclist-motorist crashes stay level as bike commuter numbers wane. Biking to work seems to have skyrocketed as wall street tanked. Its now dropping again, causing the crash rate per cyclist to inch up. An unfortunate sign of economic recovery?  Continue reading

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Interesting article on bridging over the trenched highways that divide the Cities

Interesting article on bridging over the trenched highways that divide the city

Downtown Minneapolis is mostly walled off, from residential neighborhoods to the south and west that might other wise walk or bike to work, by I-94. This study looks into what can be done about it. Likewise, Residential is cut off from retail, parks, jobs and services by the freeways. While there are a few pedestrian overpasses, they are hard to access with stairs and some have even been torn down in recent years, significantly lengthening walking or biking times. Detailed looks are had at a few key locations that could benefit from new use of the freeway’s air rights.

land bridge over freeway in Duluth, MN

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Transmilenio, a successful BRT system

What do the twin cities have to learn from Bogota in terms of BRT?  I recently traveled to Bogota, Colombia and got a first hand look at the Transmilenio BRT. Transmilenio is a full fledged BRT system including stations with turnstiles forcing strap-hangers to prepay.

With a metro area population of around 11 million, the city was long in need of mass transit.  Green party Mayor Enrique Peñalosa scrapped plans to build a subway and began construction of the surface transport system. The first line opening just 3 years after plans were drawn up.

The system runs consistently over capacity and is known for being very crowded during rush hour. Three lights are installed over each doorway, door opening, door closing and excess weight, at which point the bus cant go on until people get off. i only rode during the day and this light never came on. Not sure what would happen, i did see one fight almost break out over some pushing though. The stations are elevated above the road allowing easy entrance and exit with the floor of the bus at grade with the station floor.


The buses are either double or triple long articulated buses like this one.
Palacio San Francisco, Av Jimenez – in the back

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Commute 001

New commute is going to be longer.

other than the first few blocks (of truck routes), the path is mainly on bike lanes (protected ones in manhatten).

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Support The Troops: Ride A Bike

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more press on how mpls is using bike infrastructure to attract econ. development

more press on how mpls is using bike infrastructure to attract econ. delepment

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